Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressors [W Series]

FS-Curtis W-Series Oil Free Reciprocating Air Compressors

2.2kW ~ 15kW

FS-Curtis, W-Series Oil Free Air Compressor is 100% oil free compressor. The W-Series is air cooled and designed with a dry crankcase for absolutely no risk of oil residue.

FS-Curtis, W-Series air compressors are 100% oil free. The dry crankcase design assures no risk of oil residue carried to compression chamber.

  • Low rotational speed for long service life, Better cooling system performance from multi stage compression, high efficiency cooling fan, compact streamline air passages on the cylinder and head, and cooling fins.

Specifications for this product:

W-Series Compressor
Single Stage: VW-30; VW-50; TW-75; TW-100; TW-150; TW-200; TWH-200;
Two Stage: TW-75H; TW-100H; TW-150H; TW-200H; HTW-75; HTW-100
PowerSingle Stage: 3HP/2.2 kW ~ 20HP/15 kW
Capacity (FAD) Single Stage: 8 bar 8 cfm/0.22 m3/min ~ 64 cfm/1.8 m3/min
PowerTwo Stage: 7.5HP/5.5kW ~ 20HP/15 kW
Capacity (FAD) Two Stage, [TW-75H; TW-100H; TW-150H; TW-200H]: 10 bar 21 cfm/0.6 m3/min ~ 53 cfm/1.5 m3/min
Two Stage, [HTW-75; HTW-100]: 12.5 bar 18 cfm/0.5 m3/min ~ 24 cfm/0.67 m3/min
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